So You Want To Blog - Part 3 - Blog Promotion

Date: Friday, December 22, 2017

This blog entry concludes our ongoing series: So You Want to Blog? If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, be sure to give them a read for more blogging best practices. Below is the final, fifth step in establishing an effective blog strategy:

Promoting Your Blog

Now here’s where it’s a good idea to employ a little bit of subtlety and whole lot of community awareness when it comes to promoting your blog. Social platforms allow us all to be part of one semi-united network of entrepreneurs, entertainers and folks just trying to live their lives with a decent daily distraction. We’re exposed to a lot on social media, which means that sharing blogs needs to be done with a certain degree of tact on sites like Facebook.

We have to re-emphasize the importance of integrating your blog into your newsletter, while still allowing the two to be separate entities. Recipients of your newsletter have signed up to receive the email, which means they’re in a prime position to read with pre-established interest in your brand and/or subject matter. If the newsletter is done right, it will present a featured blog and other newsletter-specific content as if it were tailor-made for the reader.

As important as it is to look outside of social media for blog promotion, it might be even more important to understand how social media should get used to promote a blog. First of all, it’s not enough to simply post the link and hope that it will garner attention because of your stellar blog title or the adorable picture featured in the post.

Like you, your neighbors on social media are always looking for the most worthwhile use of their precious time. An easy way to establish the efficacy of a blog post is to show that the post is something important to you.

When sharing your blog via Facebook and other social sites, include a really strong quote from the blog or, better yet, write up a compelling status that shows the value of the post. Consider using trending hashtags and colloquial expressions that might make the blog posting seem more relatable or interesting to your target audience. You’d be amazed what the words #ByeFelicia can do for a post's click rate, when used appropriately.

With some blogs, it’s a good idea to give potential readers a taste of the ending. For example, if your most recent blog post is about the perfect pumpkin pie recipe, feature a picture of the finished product in your promotional posts to entice the reader into learning more. People always want to learn more about something once they’ve started salivating over it. Pinterest is a great source of visual promotion materials with a pretty huge audience base already established.

Another key tool for promoting a blog is collaboration. People are most willing to share with others that which they have an investment in. If you can create a blog that features interviews or quotes from someone else who is likely to share or have influence on social media, you’ve just doubled the number of people who will initially be interested in spreading the word. If your business has multiple experts, consider featuring guest blog posts that focus on particular subjects within your broader industry. Again, we’ll use the grocery example: Even a small grocer has expertise in butchery, produce, business management and more that can be tapped into.

And, most importantly, remember that consistency is key when it comes to creating and promoting your blog. Plan a schedule and integrate blog research/writing into your weekly routine. Make time for blogging as a function of your business just as you would for inventory, employee scheduling, or anything else essential to your business’ operations. To effectively use blogging to aid your business, you need to truly take on the role of “writer” to whatever extent your schedule allows.

Or, you can always hire a ghostwriter.

And that’s the final advice we can give when it comes to blogging. As you might have figured out by now, blogging is an amalgamation of several distinct and comprehensive disciplines all on their own. Content creation requires the skill, training, and creative capacity of a writer. Blog promotion requires the analytical capabilities of a marketing and sales professional. And, if you still identify as an amateur social media user, you're going to have to step up your game in that department, as well.

So if you’ve been following this guide for effective blog writing and promotion, and you’re seeing your blogger dreams slowly fade into the horizon, there is still hope. Regardless of your marketing knowledge or writing ability,
your business can make use of the opportunity that blogging represents; improved search rankings, increased customer interaction/engagement, and, ultimately, more sales. All you need is a professional writer backed by expert data scientists and a team of marketing professionals.

Where can you find such a complete assembly of individuals? Every day our team here at Flowerpot helps businesses establish themselves online by creating stand-out content and sharing that content with the social world.

We put the time and effort into sharing the merits of your business and intellect so that you can put your time and energy into providing your goods and services. We could be researching, writing, and promoting your blog for you right now! Get in touch to get started!

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